Butchery and meat industry “Nedeljković” produces fresh pork, veal, beef, mutton, lamb , as well as over 50 kind of meat products made from the meat of the finest quality, using the most famous domestic and foreign recipes.

Our beginnigngs…

A peaceful village of Šašinci, situated in Srem county, was very famous for watermelon farming in ‘60s and ‘70s. The watermelons were distributed and sold all over former Yugoslavia.

During ‘80s, Šašinci were famous for mass breeding of high quality pigs. Buyers from Ljubljana, Zgreb, Split, Skopje… were coming to purchase them. Nowadays, Šašinci are again well-known, and the reason for that is slaughtering and meat production facility “Nedeljković”, which is becoming more and more prominent factor of meat production in Serbia.

We were established in 1989. The reasons for that decision were numerous, but one of the most important ones was good foundation – Šašinci and nearby villages had a good stock foundation. The other reason was the vicinity of Serbian capital, Belgrade, which is the biggest market in the country. Meat Industry“Nedeljković” has been established and still is a family business. We had started with three employees and strictly routed development plan. The plan was exceptional and successful, and that is why today “Nedejković” nowadays has 280 employees.  Our current capacities are daily slaughter of 600 pigs and 50 veal, in addition of producing 15.000 kg of meat products. 

Our production facilities

From day one, Nedeljković family was trying hard to get the best ingredients for their products, because they have known that it was the only way of insuring high quality final products.

The production of meat is monitored by two technologists in an on-site laboratory. Quality and health of the incoming livestock is controlled by two state-authorized inspectors who are in charge of making sure that only high-quality meat comes to all buyers. Institute for Veterinary Medicine in Novi Sad also constantly involved in monitoring the production process.

Butchery and meat industry “Nedeljković” produces fresh pork, veal, beef, mutton, lamb meat, as well as over 50 kind of meat products made from the meat of the finest quality, using the most famous domestic and foreign recipes.

From three employees in 1989, the company has grown into enterprise with 230 emplyees nowadays. From a couple of old-fashioned machines, we have become a top-notch industrial meat processing facility. Now we have a line for slaughtering large and small stock. Our production licence was issued by ministry in charge, under the number of 125.

Our retail network

This business started in 1989 and was run from a small room. Now, we have a big processing facility that is architecturally enhancing the view of our village. We have 48 vehicles, and our our service area is very large. Our trucks and other vehicles deliver our products all over Serbia. From Novi Sad, Sombor and Zrenjanin to Vranje, Niš, Pirot, Leskovac i Užice, as well as to Montenegro and Macedonia. We have more than 2000 happy customers.

“Nedeljkovic” also has its own retail network consisting of fifteen modern shops. It is planned that this number is at least double. Nedeljkovic also sponsors a large number of cultural and sports events.

When you mention the geographical origin of the product is usually thought of wine as well as a butcher’s products may have geographic origin. Sremski Kulen and Sremska sausages are proof of this. “Nedeljkovic” plans to produce in the near future and make a trademark and sign product Srem sausage and Srem sausage that will be, in terms of quality, unrivaled in the market.

Our development plans

Abattoir and Meat Packing “Nedeljkovic” from Šašinci, during the last sixteen years has become a major producer of meat, all the better known and more recognized in the market. Abattoir and Meat Packing “Nedeljkovic” plans further development and modernization of production. Special attention is paid to the continuous improvement of product quality and service, which is supported by the fact that the slaughterhouse and meat processing “Nedeljkovic” holder of several dozen gold and silver medals for quality, won at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair last five years …

Butcher Nedeljkovic has all the necessary export licenses

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